About Cody Moxam

Cody Moxam

Cody Moxam’s unwavering commitment to promoting mindfulness and prioritizing mental health shines through in every facet of his academic and professional journey. As a senior honors student at CU Boulder specializing in psychology and neuroscience, Cody has made significant contributions to the ongoing academic discourse surrounding mental and behavioral health. His knowledge in these fields has also been instrumental in his role as a co-designer of the Mindful Campus Project at the university, an initiative aimed at fostering mindfulness and well-being among students. Additionally, Cody has played a crucial part in designing the “Flourishing, Belonging and Liberation” academic course, further highlighting his dedication to equipping individuals with the necessary tools for personal growth and fulfillment. Not only has Cody dedicated himself to his academic pursuits, but he has also selflessly donated his time and efforts to his community.

As a certified addiction counselor and 12-step program sponsor, he has worked tirelessly to help individuals overcome their addictions, providing them with much-needed support and guidance on their path to recovery. In his personal life, Cody understands the importance of nurturing his own mental health. He engages in therapeutic activities, such as making music and writing poetry, which serve as creative outlets for self-expression and introspection. Additionally, he incorporates mindfulness practices through yoga and seeks adventure through rock climbing and surfing, recognizing the benefits of these activities in promoting a balanced and fulfilling life. Cody Moxam’s dedication to fostering mindfulness, supporting mental health, and empowering individuals is evident in his academic pursuits, professional endeavors, and personal choices. Through his multifaceted contributions, he continues to make a profound impact on both his academic community and the individuals he assists, inspiring others to prioritize their well-being and embrace a flourishing life.