Important Tips Wildlife Photographers Shouldn’t Forget

Article by Cody Moxam.

As a hobby and a profession, wildlife photography combines a love for nature with the precision and artistry of cutting-edge photography techniques. If either of those things appeals to you, you may want to give wildlife photography a try yourself. However, you should make sure not to forget these essential tips before you go out into the field.

Being in nature is an unforgettable experience, but as you are finding your perfect wildlife shots, you have to respect the strength of the other living species in your proximity. Do some research on your photography subjects beforehand so you won’t endanger yourself by making them feel threatened.”

Because of the work of diligent naturalists, you are sure to find extensive information on the behavior of the wildlife species you are interested in. Before you begin snapping shots, know the habits, body language, and dislikes of your chosen animal so you aren’t taken by surprise when things aren’t going your way. 

Secondly, sometimes it is best not to snap pictures of your chosen animal right away. Animals might need some time to get used to you being part of their surroundings. The longer you can just stay and observe, the better acclimated they will be to you, giving you the opportunity to take photos without them avoiding you.

Lastly, you may need to use a fast shutter speed to capture animals in motion, since you won’t always be able to predict when they will move and when they will stand still. At the end of the day, animals move at their own pace, not yours as the photographer. You may not be able to get the perfect framing you want, but you’ll have a better chance of getting a good shot by using fast shutter settings or shooting in burst mode during the more challenging moments.

Above all else, be sure to exercise patience. Wildlife photography requires careful attention and waiting. If you are passionate about this hobby and willing to wait for the perfect shot, you may find wildlife photography a rewarding hobby for many years to come.